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The Robbery Division is responsible for conducting all follow up and some scene investigations involving robbery, aggravated robbery, extortion and theft from persons. This includes the identification, charging, apprehension and processing of suspects as well as the recovery of property and testimony in court.

The Robbery Division is operational from 6:00 a.m. to midnight, seven days a week and has on call investigators that can make the scenes of the more serious robberies at any other times. Operationally, the Robbery Division is divided into 6 functional investigative units. There are 4 traditional investigative squads organized by geographic area and the violent offenders squad, which is responsible for investigating robberies of a more violent nature. The Robbery Division also provides investigators to the Houston Area Bank Robbery Task Force, which investigates crimes against financial institutions.

Robbery Division - Administrative, Violent Offenders (ATF), Evening Shift and Bank Robbery Squad:

Phone: 713-308-0700  Fax: 713-308-0774
1200 Travis 7th floor; Houston, Texas 77002

North Patrol Station:

Robbery Division - North Squad       Phone: 832-394-3661
9455 West Montgomery; Houston, Texas 77088

West Patrol Station:

Robbery Division - West Squad         Phone: 832-394-5749
3203 South Dairy Ashford; Houston, Texas 77082

South Patrol Station:

Robbery Division - South Squad         Phone: 832-394-2109
8300 Mykawa Road; Houston, Texas 77033

Web administrator and media liaison: Senior Police Officer Jeff Brieden
Phone: 713-308-0776