Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Looting Suspects Captured on Video During Hurricane Harvey

Crime Stoppers and the Houston Police Department’s Robbery Division need the public's assistance identifying the suspects responsible for a Burglary of a Business (looting during Hurricane Harvey).

On August 29, 2017, during the nighttime hours, numerous suspects broke into the Supreme Beauty Supply, located at 4702 Lockwood, in Houston, Texas.

During Hurricane Harvey, Houston suffered severe flooding which resulted in streets and businesses being flooded throughout the city. One of these businesses, the Supreme Beauty Supply, was targeted by several unknown male suspects who drove up to the business in flooded streets, pried open the front door, and then began to remove items from within the store. The suspects who initially broke into the store pulled up to the front door driving a gray Chevrolet Tahoe. All of those suspects were captured on surveillance video as they each took turns removing hair and other products from within the business and loaded them into the Tahoe. Once the vehicle was completely filled with stolen items, all of the suspects then got onto the top of the Tahoe and drove off. The suspects are also believed to be responsible for breaking into the Space Liquor Store, located at 4914 Lockwood

Shortly after, two male suspects unrelated to the first incident, pulled up to the same business in a stolen boat and also began to remove items from within the business. One of those individuals has since been identified by a tipster as Markeith Whiting and is currently wanted in the case for burglary of building through the Harris County District Attorney’s Office.

Throughout the night and into the next day, several individuals can been seen on surveillance cameras as they help themselves into the business and take items from within the store.

The Robbery Division, Violent Offender Squad, is currently seeking the identity of each of the individuals responsible for this burglary.  Since these crimes occurred during a natural disaster, it important to note that the penalty range is at an enhanced level.