Tuesday, June 1, 2021

Suspects Shoot at Victims in Catalytic Converter Robbery


The Houston Police Department’s Robbery Division need the public's assistance identifying the suspects responsible for an aggravated robbery.

 On Friday, April 23, 2021 at around 7:30 pm, the complainant was inside of his apartment at 7700 Corporate, in Houston, Texas. The complainant’s sister walked outside to take the trash out and noticed that someone was underneath the complainant’s truck while using a saw. The complainant’s sister then came back inside the apartment and told the complainant what she saw. The complainant and several relatives then ran outside in order to confront the suspect(s). Both suspects then ran to their vehicle, at which time one of the suspects retrieved a handgun and began to shoot at the complainants. When the suspects were running to their vehicle, they had dropped their saw, which was picked up by one of the complainants. The suspect then started to run after the complainants while shooting at them in an attempt to get his saw back. The suspect was able to retrieve his saw, which had been dropped while the complainants were trying to get away from the gunfire. The suspect ran back to the vehicle and fled the scene. Houston PD #538902-21

 Suspect#1 - Black male, 22 to 28 years old, 5'10 to 6' height, 205lbs weight, brown eyes, black complexion, black braided hair, black t-shirt, tan pants, white shoes (gunman) (converter thief). 

Suspect#2 - Hispanic male, 25 to 30 years old, 5'6 height, 160lbs weight, black hair, light brown complexion, medium build. 

Suspect#3 - Black male, 17 to 22 years old, medium build, blue long sleeve

 Suspect's Vehicle - 2013 to 2018 Black Chevrolet Malibu.